Niki Rajput Family Osteopath
General Osteopathic Council
Registration No. 8614

Client Testimonials

Some recent reviews about Niki Rajput Family Osteopath:

  • “I have been treated by Niki for many years now on a regular basis and always benefit from my appointments.”
  • “Niki has a very reassuring and calm manner, and always makes me feel comfortable and at ease.”
  • “Because of Niki’s professionalism and knowledge, we use her expertise to treat all members of our family, and would thoroughly recommend seeing her for any Osteopathy conditions.”
  • “I went to visit Niki after the oral surgeon diagnosed me with TMJ disorder. I had been in pain for months with limited movement in my neck and almost daily headaches, I had originally gone to the dentist thinking it was a problem with my upper wisdom teeth! Niki was really thorough in her assessment and listened to how I was feeling and asked really pertinent questions that helped her to help me feel so much better after my first treatment. I have subsequently visited and each time Niki asks about my symptoms then treats me accordingly. I have also had acupuncture with Niki that has helped with the pain management too. Niki has suggested some ‘homework’ and that’s helped me to manage the TMJ disorder between appointments and when I can feel my stress building. Her treatment room is well appointed, welcoming and you come away feeling so much better; I will happily recommend Niki to anyone seeking a skilled osteopath.”
  • “Niki has not only helped our baby but also myself post birth and also sorted out my husband. Absolutely first class.”
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